EscrowTrakker for Landlords

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Tenant Escrow Accounting
for Landlords

No more custom spreadsheets and Ledgers. Track every tenant escrow deposit ever collected forever. Comply with all state regulations concerning the maintenance and record keeping of these funds. Print detailed tenant escrow disclosure statement, showing all funds and purpose for every tenant, upon move out.

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Don’t wait for an audit.

EscrowTrakker® will make your audit a breeze.

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3-way Reconciliation
in Seconds

Go from hours to minutes a month managing your multiple property escrow accounts. Eliminate the time-consuming manual process of 3-way reconciliation. Reconciling general checking ledgers, customer balances and bank statements simultaneously is difficult, painstaking and often inaccurate. EscrowTrakker® For Landlords performs this monthly task automatically and stores this data in the cloud permanently. Print and file with your bank statement each month and you are 100% compliant

Save Time
& Money

Powerful, yet simple to use, EscrowTrakker® For Landlords gives you the freedom to manage your properties instead of accounting. 

Worry-Free ERP Cloud Computing

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App Features


Banking – See the data metrics you need to know NOW:

EscrowTrakker® Banking computer screens

Add Transaction

Drop-down auto-fill selection menus for quick and easy data entry:

EscrowTrakker® Add Transaction Screens

Pie Charts

Analytics you can understand and USE:

EscrowTrakker® Pie Charts computer screens

Dial up custom interactive pie charts to see balance and detail:


Custom reports drill down on all financials

EscrowTrakker Reports on computer screens


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General Features

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